Plastic Surgery Facts

Facelifts and implants, liposuction and nose jobs 2013 this appears like a checklist for Hollywood, does n 2019t it? For so long, Plastic Surgery Facts has become a way for celebrities to avoid signs of aging and forever maintain their handsome appearance and girlish figures. With all the demands of fame has the digital camera adds ten pounds or more, we can Per centu 2019t blame anyone for wanting a bit help after gravity begins to work overtime.

While average people often select plastic surgery, having surgery for implants and tucks is actually a prerequisite for being a Hollywood star. In reality, as critics spend time whispering in regards to the latest Hollywood goddess 2019s nose job, male celebs slipped from the camera without excessive attention. That is, alternatives.

The top demands of looking great in Hollywood not only affect women. Today, many male celebs are picking Plastic Surgery Facts to help ease the pains of aging in this harsh and important world. From liposuction to jawline reconstructions, Hollywood 2019s hottest celebs are going under the knife for merely anything that will help them look hotter, sexier e-mail, even younger. In fact, we found 50 male celebrities whose Cosmetic Surgery Facts pre and post photos leaves you shocked, but we 2019ll permit you to evaluate if these are successes or botched jobs of epic proportions!

#1. Amanda Lepore



#2. Kylie Jenner plastic surgery: Before and after

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery: Before and after

Kylie Jenner plastic surgery: Before and after

#3 Michael Jackson


#4 Tara Reid


#5 Courtney Love


#6 Carrot Top


#7 Goldie Hawn


#8 Kim Basinger


#9  Lindsay Lohan


#10 Melanie Griffith


#11 Pete Burns


“You turn me ideal round infant, appropriate round… ” First propelling his music vocation in the United Kingdom with his band Dead or Alive in 1980, Pete Burns discovered standard achievement in 1985 with his hit single “You Spin Me Round.” From there, he turned into a polarizing VIP known less for his music and more for his hermaphroditic look on his exceptionally exposed change from a man into a lady. Things being what they are, out of many surgeries and a bill totaling $38,000 (and tallying) to end up noticeably the ideal female alive, where precisely would it be a good idea for us to begin?

Having each surgery comprehensible from lip infusions (looks agonizing, doesn’t it?) and face lifts to cheek inserts and various rhinoplasties, there isn’t a lot of Burns’ unique face left. Be that as it may, that hasn’t halted the 56-year-old rocker who guarantees that he’ll keep on going under the blade and keep up his mark look regardless of whether it implies that his face “may tumble off.” Resembling something straight from a blood and guts movie’s most exceedingly terrible bad dream, Burns once conceded that he had a minor methodology done basically on the grounds that he was exhausted while sitting tight for his better half to wrap up a tattoo. Now that is a dependence on the blade!

#12 Robert Pattinson


From wizardry, enchantment mixtures and spells to eager for blood vampires, streak forward from the 1980s to the 2000s when vampires were extremely popular because of the Twilight adventure featuring London’s own particular Robert Pattinson. Hanging up his shroud subsequent to playing Cedric Diggory in the 2005 hit Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Pattinson was at the bleeding edge of the popular culture development when he featured as Edward Cullen in Twilight and wound up noticeably one of the sexiest and most intense superstars on the planet.

Dissimilar to Pete consumes (in such huge numbers of ways), Pattinson has never conceded or talked openly about plastic surgery, yet that hasn’t prevented the media from guaranteeing that the 30-year-old star has officially gone under the blade. As per reports, Pattinson probably had a rhinoplasty a couple of years back to remedy his nose’s wide scaffold and smaller tip. With the invert seeming to be genuine today with a smaller extension, Pattinson’s under the radar rhinoplasty is just the same old thing new in Hollywood and is fortunately the main mystery strategy that the vampire turned Hollywood heartthrob has had.

#13 Vince Neil


Making waves from the 1980s while they joined the craze of hair metal and hard rock bands, Motley Crue is the most suitable renowned for their hedonistic lifestyle embodied by band members Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars and Vince Neil. Taking center stage because band%u2019s lead vocalist in 1980, Neil belted out hits from albums like Shout on the Devil, Theatre of Pain and Dr. Feelgood, which quickly established the viewers as the biggest hard rock and metal bands of the decade.

Partying as being a rock star the past 36 years while launching an excellent solo career and dabbling in many different small business ventures and acting, Neil turned to plastic surgery to keep up his center-stage looks. Admitting to some brow lift, cheek lift as well as a rhinoplasty, the 55-year-old rocker even documented his transformation on VH1 to indicate exactly how his looks have improved over the years %u2013 with some surgery magic, naturally! Luckily enough, Neil is looking just like his early Motley Crue days after decades of just living fast and hard finally trapped with him.

#14  Robert Downey, Jr.

From zero to hero and back once more, it’s exhausting to imagine anyone else taking part in Iron Man than the proficient and handsome parliamentarian Downey, Jr. creating his acting debut at solely 5 years recent in 1970, Downey was related to the Brat Pack because of roles in films like Weird Science and fewer Than Zero before giving associate degree victory performance in filmmaker that really set him apart. Despite a extremely publicised battle with dependency, the currently sober Downey has merrily came to the silver screen during a Marvel Comics role that looks to be written particularly for him.

With his drug and drug addiction taking a toll on each his career and physical health, Downey’s sobriety did wonders for his physical look though he presumably had a bit further facilitate. Despite ne’er brazenly admitting that he’s had any cosmetic surgery, several agree that Downey presumably had work done round the eyes further as Botox injections to tighten drooping skin and signs of aging. Others even argue that he had a cheek augmentation, that simply may justify why Downey still sounds like an attractive superhero at fifty one years old!

#15  Johnny Depp


Recognized for his larger-than-life roles after rising to fame as a teen idol inside the 1980s for the hit television series 21 Jump Street, Depp has shown his talents across all genres of flicks with hits like Edward Scissorhands, Pirates in the Caribbean and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Highly awarded and praised for his exceptional portrayals of men and women like Joseph D. Pistone, John Dillinger and J. M. Barrie, Depp is probably the highest paid actors in the market with $75 million in earnings let alone his recent induction for income Disney Legend.

Now only 52 years and working harder than in the past, Depp looks equally as young%u2013if not younger%u2013than many actors his age. Though unconfirmed through the actor himself, Depp%u2019s ventures under the knife have already been fairly subtle numerous physicians speculate he has had a minor cheek lift but primarily stays with Botox treatments and fillers so as not to draw any unwanted care about his looks. Needless to say, comparing photos from his acting debut from the 1980s to his latest red carpet walk so we can%u2019t help but wonder if he may have experienced a rhinoplasty as well.

#16  Ryan Reynolds


Winning the hearts of crowds as the ditzy beautiful kid in the ABC sitcom Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place, Canada’s Ryan Reynolds has progressed significantly to end up plainly one of Hollywood’s most smoking stars. Becoming well known with films like National Lampoon’s Van Wilder, The Amityville Horror and The Proposal, Reynolds has additionally turned out to be one of Marvel Comics most loved driving men. In the wake of featuring in Marvel hits like Blade: Trinity and X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Reynolds ended up being the ideal decision for the main part in the 2016 blockbuster Deadpool.

Making his acting introduction at 15 years of age, Reynolds dependably trusted he would exceed his endearing face and, while it has certainly changed throughout the years, numerous specialists trust that the change is a long way from normal. With gossipy tidbits running wild that Reynolds swung to plastic surgery for help, many say that the 39-year-old star utilizes Botox infusions to guarantee his boyish great looks are great. Others guarantee that Reynolds has even had a jaw improvement where specialists shaved down the bone of his button to give him a more complete jawline. Whatever the case, there’s no preventing that he’s one from securing the most blazing men in Hollywood today!

#17 Ashton Kutcher


Much like Ryan Reynolds transformed his sitcom accomplishment into silver screen fame, Ashton Kutcher first rose to notoriety as Michael Kelso on the hit Fox sitcom That 70’s Show. Influencing his film to make a big appearance on the lighthearted comedy Coming Soon in 1999, Kutcher turned into a commonly recognized name because of his humorous execution on Dude, Where’s My Car? Proceeding to star in films like Just Married, My Boss’ Daughter and The Butterfly Effect, Kutcher even came back to TV when he turned into the most generously compensated TV star subsequent to supplanting Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men.

Some time before making that big appearance as a performer, Kutcher acted as a model for Calvin Klein and went all through Paris and Milan where he adapted exactly how critical his great looks were to his vocation. In spite of the fact that never transparently admitting to any plastic surgery, Kutcher is said to have experienced a minor rhinoplasty to decrease and limited the scaffold and tip of his nose. Being just a minor change and still unsubstantiated, Kutcher’s great looks – nose and all – have unquestionably pulled in some of Hollywood’s most sultry driving women like his ex Demi Moore and current lady of the hour and previous costar, Mila Kunis.

#17 Gordon Ramsay


One of the most well liked names in change of state these days, it’s laborious to search out a change of state show on tv that doesn’t star Scottish native Gordon Ramsay. famed for his love of competitive change of state and delicious menus, Ramsay could be a restauranteur UN agency took his passion to the show biz because the host of tv shows adore Hell’s room, MasterChef, The F Word and Ramsay’s room Nightmares. transferral in $60 million in 2014 alone, it’s simple that Ramsay has become a star celebrity chef!

Celebrating his fiftieth birthday this November, Ramsay looked a lot of older than fifty a number of years past once his youngsters finally persuaded him to travel below the knife to correct the pronounced wrinkles lining his face moreover as his blotchy and uneven chin. Taking his children’s recommendation and with the support of his married woman, Ramsay underwent a chin sweetening to straighten his jawline additionally to Botox injections and a minor facelift to free his forehead. happy with the results and appreciative for his children’s honesty, Ramsay is trying higher than ever as he whips up one amongst his known dishes!

#18 Sting

Spending nearly five decades inside the spotlight, Sting has seen his fair share of rumors over time with most of them centering round his relationships and his appears. on the subject of the latter, the word across the song industry has been that Sting underwent a rhinoplasty just because the Police started out to gain reputation in 1977. And, despite the fact that he hasn’t admitted to having any work carried out to enhance his looks, it’s plain that the 64-12 months-antique singer, songwriter, musician and actor seems highly well for his age.

#19 Ryan Gosling

Much like Sting, Gosling’s bodily transformation has been subtle because it came about a long time in the past after he made his acting debut in the mid-Nineteen Nineties. making plans on a profession in the highlight and touchdown roles in television series like Breaker high and younger Hercules, many agree with that Gosling secretly underwent a rhinoplasty to widen the overly skinny bridge of his nostril. Of direction, by the point The pocket book hit the container workplace, the world had already fallen in love with Gosling’s boyish correct appears and by no means knew or puzzled the subtle distinction!

#20 Robert Redford

Now at 79 years antique and persevering with to depart his tremendous mark in Hollywood, Redford has usually stated that he desires to age gracefully and could by no means inn to plastic surgical procedure. however, Hollywood’s pinnacle plastic surgeons are pronouncing otherwise. assets declare that Redford has had a facelift further to numerous Botox injections and fillers to boost, clean, tighten and tuck most of the people of his wrinkles. And, at the same time as we’d like to think that Redford has remained authentic to his phrase, we don’t recognise another 70-something 12 months old guys who look as precise as he does!

#21 Al Pacino

Like Robert Redford and his buddy Robert De Niro, Pacino has said that he’s one of the older actors in Hollywood who doesn’t accept as true with in plastic surgery. but, it appears that most effective De Niro has saved his word because the seventy six-yr-old Pacino is sporting a more energizing and greater youthful look than his pal. though unconfirmed, many believe that Pacino underwent a facelift in addition to laser treatments to save you wrinkles and different signs and symptoms of getting older. although he nevertheless incorporates some wrinkles round his eyes, this Triple Crown Winner isn’t letting whatever get inside the manner of fulfillment.

#22 Billy Crystal

After the release of analyze This in 1999, it seemed like Crystal would age gracefully in the spotlight however that later changed when he took the stage on the Academy Awards with fuller cheeks and some distance fewer wrinkles. obviously going below the knife, Crystal didn’t maintain up with the surgical procedure and started looking a lot older till 2010 while he updated his look and magically appeared younger over again. Now at sixty eight years old and nevertheless fluctuating among looking youthful and searching his age, Crystal is a high instance as to why it’s vital to preserve your plastic surgical treatment appointments!

#23 Clint Eastwood

Undeniably one of the toughest guys in Hollywood and a cultural icon of masculinity, Eastwood has demonstrated that no longer even he’s too manly for plastic surgical treatment. diagnosed by his freckled face elderly by way of the solar, the now eighty five-12 months-vintage superstar hit the purple carpet at the 2007 Academy Awards looking remarkably extraordinary with the wrinkles that once included his forehead absolutely gone. in no way overtly admitting to the surgery, Hollywood’s greatest plastic surgeons agree that the world’s favorite dirty Harry had a brow elevate and laser remedies to maintain his icon tough-man look.

#24 Brad Pitt

No stranger to creating mag covers for his intercourse appeal and rustic good appears, many humans wonder if Pitt has ever long gone under the knife. while maximum appearance in all the incorrect locations as they take a look at his face for any signs of plastic surgical procedure, the 52-yr-vintage has surely had paintings finished however it’s not in an area in which you’d expect. Early in his profession, Pitt turned into self-aware of his ears and concept they caught out in addition than they should. seeking to enhance his self belief, Pitt had his ears tacked in what’s absolutely one of the maximum minor and subtle surgical procedures on our listing!

#25 Christian Bale

Recognised for taking his roles and characters exceptionally seriously, Bale has transformed himself time and time once more for the duration of his career for the sake of his performances, but what has he executed to convert his own look? Raised in England where humans have notoriously negative hygiene and teeth, Bale was determined to triumph over the stereotype and had his tooth replaced with implants as soon as he moved to the united states within the early 1990s. Admitting that he wanted to look “more American,” the surgery turned into a incredible flow to reinforce his profession inside the spotlight!

#26 Vladimir Putin

While many might by no means dream the chief of a country might have time to get plastic surgical procedure tons much less sincerely undergo with it, many humans speculate that Putin has done exactly that. looking run down and exhausted on the grounds that his reelection in 2012, rumors ran wild about Putin in 2015 whilst he appeared on television looking tons more youthful the sixty two years antique with actually no wrinkles or sagging skin. whether or not he had Botox injections, fillers or a facelift to lessen early symptoms of getting older, he maximum likely did it on the us of a’s dime seeing that he absolutely doesn’t want to appear to be a weak, getting old and incompetent leader.

#27 Steve Martin

So how exactly does a 70-12 months-vintage actor and stand-up comedian look as younger and wrinkle free as he did decades ago? doctors agree that Botox injections, fillers and a facelift are to thank for Martin’s more youthful appearance, which is particularly obvious around the eyes wherein his crow’s toes and snort lines are now almost invisible in comparison to pictures from the early 2000s. performing younger and, coincidentally, with even fewer facial expressions nowadays, the Grammy winner may not brazenly admit that he’s had plastic surgery but the photographs genuinely don’t lie.

#28 Rod Stewart

While many celebrities on our list refuse to admit they’ve long past beneath the knife or even taken into consideration it, there’s no denying that music and plastic surgery have stored the seventy one-year-vintage Stewart looking young. regardless of preserving the identical coiffure for decades, Stewart has demonstrated that he isn’t terrified of change after admitting that he had minor plastic surgical procedure on his nose. even though many predicted the rocker to say that he had a rhinoplasty to straighten his signature curvy beak, alternatively, the singer said that he had polyps eliminated in a surgical treatment that handiest took an hour. for all time younger, certainly.

#29 Arnold Schwarzenegger

Along with his body toned from head to toe, Schwarzenegger is a chunk of a difficult book to examine in terms of plastic surgical treatment as some specialists say that he has had pretty a bit of work performed while others argue that growing older and his way of life are responsible. today, a number of Arnie’s maximum rumored procedures encompass a facelift, neck lift, cheek implants and liposuction that were required after he misplaced so much weight from his bodybuilding days. desperate to keep away from a turkey neck in any respect costs, it’s no surprise why The Governator went underneath the knife.

#30 Christian Slater


Just like Robert Downey, Jr. from in advance on our list, Slater had a totally comparable career path together with his success marred by means of drug and alcohol abuse behind the scenes. by way of the late Nineteen Nineties and early 2000s, Slater was living a difficult and speedy way of life that left him searching ragged and almost unrecognizable from the person who made his appearing debut in 1985. searching an awful lot higher today though his sobriety is unknown, plastic surgeons agree that Slater has grew to become to Botox injections in addition to a forehead raise and hairline surgical operation to repair his wrinkles, receding hairline and different signs of ageing.

#31 David Hasselhoff

Keeping the Guinness world report because the maximum watched man on tv, Hasselhoff comes as no surprise on our listing in spite of the fact that he once denied ever going beneath the knife. Having seeing that come clean and manifestly fooling no one, the sixty three-12 months-old Hasselhoff has handiest admitted to Botox injections announcing that even “Clint Eastwood waited till he turned into seventy five and he seems damn proper.” although experts say that the previous Baywatch famous person has also had eyelid surgical procedure and a facelift, we can’t blame the fellow for getting paintings performed to live satisfied and relevant after all these years!

#32 David Gest


Dwelling most people of his life in front of the digital camera, David Gest had a ton of plastic surgical operation carried out thanks, in element, to the encouragement of Michael Jackson. Spending $20,000 (and probable greater), Gest had more than one facelifts, a brow raise, Botox injections across the eyes and forehead, further to having fats suctioned from his chin to create a chiseled jawline. by the point he brought faux eyebrows, Gest admitted that he regretted having so much paintings executed in particular whilst it came to almost bleeding him dry.

#33 Ozzy Osbourne

Constantly visible dressed in black and wearing his signature sun shades, it became 2013 when enthusiasts were given to peer Osbourne without his sunglasses for the primary time in years. pointless to say, his look turned into pretty surprising. Together with his spouse vowing to in no way get plastic surgical procedure once more after a health scare from a cosmetic method, the world become bowled over to look Osbourne looking an awful lot more youthful than earlier than with without a doubt no wrinkles and obvious paintings done round his eyes. thankfully, Osbourne has positioned his sun shades returned on so there’s no telling how he’ll appearance the following time he dares to take them off!

#34 Zac Efron

Developing up within the spotlight, the now 28-year-old Efron hasn’t admitted to having any plastic surgical procedure performed however, if he did, most likely did so when he ought to without difficulty chalk up any changes to his face on puberty. resources say that Efron took time among the high school Musical sequels to have minor work completed to slim the bridge and tip of his nose. Others also say that, similarly to the rhinoplasty, he had his chin and cheeks better to clean out the pores and skin and supply him a extra mature jawline and facial structure. whatever the case, he’s still as good-looking as ever!

#35 Tom Cruise

In the course of his early profession, rumors ran wild whilst Cruise admitted that he had a rhinoplasty to make minor modifications to his nose. even though he said that he would maximum in all likelihood never have some thing else achieved, Cruise currently made headlines whilst the fifty three-12 months-old announced an excellent greater dramatic transformation. at the 2016 BAFTA Awards, the arena become shocked when Cruise took the crimson carpet searching totally distinctive together with his brow, cheeks and chin having glaringly passed through substantial paintings. at the same time as many stated that Cruise gave the impression of he have been stung with the aid of hundreds of bees, we are hoping it was simply bad Botox injections that left Cruise looking crazier than everyday.

#36 Patrick Dempsey

Having these days made his dramatic go out from grey’s Anatomy ultimate season, the 50-year-antique Dempsey hasn’t constantly been thrilled with his McDreamy good seems. apparently unknown inside the early Nineteen Eighties earlier than his career took off, Dempsey underwent a rhinoplasty to slim the bridge and tip of his nostril. fortunately a perfect process that obviously looks fantastic today, it’s simply one less component for Dempsey to worry about now that he has even extra time to focus on his actual passions: car racing and motor sports!

#37 Shia LaBeouf

One in all many child stars who’ve grew to become to plastic surgical procedure of their teens with the hopes nobody would note (or in charge any modifications on puberty), LaBeouf has yet to verify that he’s simply had any work completed however the snap shots say in any other case. assets say that LaBeouf had a rhinoplasty after wrapping up Even Stevens in 2003 to straighten out and slim his nostril via disposing of the massive bump in the middle. whether it’s proper or not, we can’t say—simply examine the before and after photos and determine for your self!

#38 Mickey Rourke

Did we mention that Rourke is a terrible boy but? After hitting a tough patch in his existence, Rourke turned to alcohol and boxing to help make it through his days; It have to come as no marvel, then, that upon getting knocked around the ring and boozed up, that Rourke commenced searching pretty rough: at sixty two years antique the actor and retired boxer opted for the authentic Beverly Hills fix: plastic surgical treatment! From hair extensions and skin tightening to cheekbone and nostril reconstruction, Rourke’s new look revived his profession, or even earned him an Oscar nominated position in “The Wrestler.”

#39 Gene Simmons


Simmons has had an array of work achieved on him to help keep him youthful: he had eyelid surgical procedure (blepharoplasty) to make his eyes appearance more subtle, Botox injections to slow down the drooping of his face, and what’s maximum sudden is that each he and his companion, Shannon Tweed, most were given Facelifts facet by means of side on the same day. Gene desires to preserve searching true for his accomplice and doesn’t want to position the “intercourse god” years past him yet, and his spouse doesn’t want her husband looking younger than her: I think they each want a “kiss” of truth due to the fact when you hit a positive age there isn’t a great deal you could do.

#40 Kenny Rogers

Often visible (and heard) singing along the feisty Dolly Parton, Rogers surprised all and sundry when he took a quick ruin from the public highlight and later reemerged looking like an entirely specific individual. no matter the fact that signature white beard remained, lengthy long past were Rogers’ rugged excellent looks, thanks to a chain of plastic surgical procedures which included both a facelift and Botox injections; manifestly attempting to defy time, the tune icon even had the luggage beneath his eyes removed and his eyelids tightened (ouch!). fortunately even Rogers admits that the surgical treatment led to a disaster: his face says all of it!

#41 Sylvester Stallone


Sylvester didn’t simply have a few surgical procedures; he went “Rambo” with the processes: lifting his eyebrows and his face, having work done on his jaw line, and of direction getting sufficient Botox injections to hold his face searching undying. Stallone genuinely knows what he’s doing: the older he receives the more “expendable” he will become as an actor, and the greater “rocky” his profession receives, but along with his determination (and with a bit of cosmetic assist) he’ll be an movement hero past the point whilst he’s wheelchair sure.

#42 Paul Stanley

Even as the media targeted on KISS front guy Gene Simmons’, fewer human beings paid plenty interest to Stanley’s new seems. Already into his early 60s and still travelling, the rocker opted for a couple of plastic surgeries together with a face and forehead raise, eyelid tightening, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty: of path, as soon as human beings ultimately noticed that they had something to mention: most of which was criticism concerning the well-known rocker’s now amazed “old man” appearance! I genuinely don’t suppose Stanley involved himself too much with the critiques of his enthusiasts, due to the fact he’d as a substitute no longer come to be searching line Tiny Tim while he receives older.

#43 Wayne Newton


Wayne is a high example of why now and again you simply have to permit nature take its direction: as a way to treatment a number of his imperfections he rather wound up searching like he got stung via bees. Wayne has had an assortment of operations which include a nostril task, eyelid surgical procedures, and all of the basics that stars appear to like a lot. It doesn’t count in case you’re the thoughts in the back of Jingle Bell Rock, if you aren’t cautious whilst you go under the knife then you definitely would possibly simply wind up looking like a Ken doll.

#44 Simon Cowell

For a person who in no way sleeps, Cowell’s schedule began taking a severe toll on his properly seems, and his not often visible million dollar smile. With normal Botox injections to help revitalize his face, Cowell changed into located to have upped his plastic surgical treatment sport while he became lately stuck carrying a bandage near his ear, main many to trust that he had gone through a skin tightening surgical procedure to higher define his jawline. Who’s the critic now, Simon? Don’t fear, we aren’t going to give you the buzzer, due to the fact below this cold and dark outside we nevertheless have souls!

#45 Barry Manilow


A quick have a look at Barry’s facial functions makes his cosmetic surgical procedures blatantly apparent: eyelid surgical treatment, a brow face and forehead lift, and a series of Botox injections have left him searching nearly animatronic. Manilow has stated that hearing about his surgeries makes him as a substitute agitated, but that’s probably because they weren’t done well enough to not move not noted; I guess he’ll just have to accept that he’s an incredibly wealthy songwriter which can have nearly whatever he wishes: your existence should be terribly difficult, Barry!

#46 Ray Liotta

Tons has modified for Liotta over the last twenty years, each in terms of career and his looks! broadly absent from the silver screen these days, Liotta has manifestly elderly much less gracefully than others within the film industry thanks to a few as a substitute bad plastic surgical procedure. After Liotta first went under the knife, the facelift and derma fillers gave him a strange look, and ended in a kind of irritated scowl. The unusual effects of Liotta’s surgical procedures lead many critics to deem the technique as one of the worst botches in all of Hollywood records! Yikes! Now Liotta’s eyes appearance some distance too tight, and his face appears nearly leathery; we can’t absolutely blame Liotta, even though, considering he at least tried to develop a beard in an attempt disguise the lower half of of these tragic consequences!

#47 Jermaine Jackson


Unlike many celebs Jermaine doesn’t turn away from his surgical past, and he sees his cosmetic paintings as a testament to his lifestyles’s achievements; he labored tough to get in which he was, and now he can experience the posh of being capable of accurate a number of his genetic imperfections. You’ve got to have recognize for someone that can stand with the aid of their selections, however it’s commonly the guys inside the heritage who are the maximum ahead. Why is Jermaine one of these rad dude? We’re not pretty positive, however we’ll blame it at the boogie.

#48 Enrique Iglesias

Looking at the earlier than and after snap shots of Iglesias, many human beings get the impression that this plastic surgical operation tale is a whole hoax, however appearance again! at the same time as his face may also seem like the same (sure, even his nostril and chin), one vital thing is missing from Enrique’s face: his mole! In a brief 5-minute system on the plastic health care provider’s workplace, Iglesias had his mole eliminated in what is probably taken into consideration the least dramatic plastic surgical treatment process in the records of Hollywood! howdy, as a minimum he didn’t turn out to be looking like Kenny Rogers or Ray Liotta!

#49 Jean Claude Van Damme


Jean Claude underwent a Facelift and eyelid surgery so as to keep his face as tight as his frame, however the end result has left his face a bit pinched; he has but to comment on his beauty work, however it’s now not just like the media is crawling all over him in recent times anyhow. except, it’s really hard to make amusing of a guy who actually did the splits between two trucks for a business: a person that crazy might not take too kindly to being asked non-public questions.

#50 Burt Reynolds

Because it’s been nicely over a decade on account that Reynolds first emerged from his plastic surgical procedure, revisiting the earlier than and after pics of this mustached guy is quite a shocking sight. Why couldn’t we simply overlook? Reynolds debuted his new look at the 2005 wonderful Bowl, acting absolutely different thanks to a series of Botox injections that made his face look paralyzed and leather-based-like. as though the Botox wasn’t sufficient, Reynolds additionally opted to eliminate the luggage underneath his eyes: a system referred to as Blepharoplasty; whilst we may have forgotten the horror of this plastic surgical treatment flop, we’ll never forget the Bandit who ran away with our hearts in a high-speed chase lower back in 1977.

#51 Steven Tyler


Whether Tyler’s cosmetic surgical procedure became a superb enhance depends on who you ask, however he truely looks hugely unique than he did in his young people; the american Idol decide had a facelift and Botox injections to gradual down the progression of his distinguished facial traces. whilst you’re a rock superstar like Steven Tyler you have to do what you could to live camera prepared, and do you without a doubt think the lead singer of Aerosmith goes everywhere anytime soon? Dream on!

#52 Howard Stern

With growing fortune and fame, Stern decided to cognizance greater on his seems in 2006 when he opted for plastic surgery to fix his nose. acknowledged for carrying sun shades across the clock, Stern had chin break up scars removed from his nostril, and underwent a chain of facelifts that he felt would give him the self belief to no longer want to hide in the back of dark glasses. even though it hasn’t but been confirmed, many critics trust that Stern also had hair transplant surgical treatment to help ensure that his black and curly head of hair wouldn’t recede through the years. That’s what I call having a face for radio!

#53 Michael Douglas


Michael is actually quite insecure about his wrinkle lines, so a combination of Botox and different facial augments has helped in keeping them at bay, however simply how long does the megastar expect to fend off the growing older method? alas for him Douglas looks as old as he’s (71) and there isn’t a lot left he can do to keep his face clean: if he desires to stay wrinkle unfastened in his 1980s and preserve getting facelifts he’ll need to usher in a few rather heavy responsibility production device!

#54 Carrot Top

Like many different names on our list, Carrot apparently vanished for years until he reemerged with a completely new appearance. no matter keeping his acquainted wild and curly hair, the comic had glaringly determined the gym, as his new appearance discovered a toner and extra muscled man. but, that wasn’t all! Carrot also opted for numerous plastic surgeries which converted his complete face, with cheekbone and jawbone reconstruction being on the top of the list. With laser treatments and chemical peels, Carrot’s entire demeanor is one-of-a-kind, which the funny man says is a end result of his make-up: Come on, we may chortle at his jokes however does he surely think we’re that dumb?

#55 George Clooney


It’s smooth to talk out approximately plastic surgical procedure while you appearance as rushing as Clooney is perhaps he is directly to some thing; his “upgrades” didn’t surely improve on his look all that a whole lot and certainly it probable wasn’t well worth the fee of the operation. i’ve my doubts that George will preserve his stance on cosmetics as he approaches his late 60s and starts losing his fabulous appears, but maybe he’ll get bored with all of the girl attention he receives and he’ll decide that he wishes a break from all of it.

#56 Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

Of path, with a circulate from the wrestling ring to the arena of Hollywood, Johnson felt that he had to appearance more like a celebrity; diagnosed with gynecomastia, an increase of fat in a male’s chest, Johnson turned into self-conscious of his looks, and worked tougher than ever earlier than to do away with the fats. notwithstanding limitless hours at the fitness center, Johnson struggled to conquer his difficulty, and opted as a substitute to have liposuction to remove the extra fats: now with his chiseled top looks, even Johnson can be confident every time he has to seem shirtless on the movie display screen

#57 Clay Aiken


Aiken suffered from Temporomandibular joint dysfunction, that’s situation that consequences in pain and compromised motion within the jaw; in an effort to accurate his disease he had to g underneath the knife and feature his jaw realigned: he figured in view that he became already going to be subconscious he may as properly have some paintings done even as he was there. Clay had a few fat sucked out of chin and he is calling like he has slightly aged. i will’t say a whole lot about Aiken’s profession, but if he has one factor going for him it’s that he ages like a vampire.

#58 Axl Rose


Axl obtained a facelift and Botox injections to try to fight his body’s sagging and wrinkles however the end result wasn’t as flattering as he had in the beginning intended; weight loss and drug use took their toll, and some things certainly can’t be undone. In a very last ditch attempt to stave off his frame’s sluggish deterioration Rose had some chemical peeling finished on his face to freshen up his appearance. despite his efforts Axl just isn’t getting the identical love he used to: welcome to the jungle of Hollywood, guy!

#59 LL Cool Jay


James claims this is currently lifting 315 pounds, and that he will do 1000 sit usato workout, however alas for Mr. Todd no quantity of weight lifting is going to give you a nose task. further signs of hypocrisy from Cool Jay arose when a mysterious scar regarded on his stomach, however he has remained adamant that no liposuction or beauty surgical treatment has took place, as an alternative claiming the scar is the result of getting an appendix eliminated. The reality concerning Todd’s plastic surgical treatment is still a bit ambiguous however I without a doubt wouldn’t broach the challenge with him: he seems a piece testy and he may sit up for performing considered one of hit songs, “Mama stated Knock You Out.”