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The strangest noses in the world. People vs Animals

Do you ever have seen such a strange nose? It is surprising not only in the animal world, but also…

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Meet the most dangerous animal in the world, which usually kills people

Although hippos are herbivores, they are very aggressive and is considered one of the most dangerous animal in Africa. Although…

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That’s what happens when the toilet appears that there is no water

As a cat you do when you notice that the toilet is not water? 🙂

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Why do we have to respect and love animals? Does the animal has a soul?

The soul, according to one many religious interpretations, untouchable and immortal part of man, undergoing physical death of the body….

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Sometimes a man can be the best friend and save best friend animal

Most know the adage that the best friend animal may be just a dog. See how these valiant rescuers and…

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New type of bird , sits in the trees but singing like Baaa ..Goat like bird.

The animal world is the most wonderful and funny. Constantly dealing with animal jokes. Here’s another video where the goat…

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Oh, my God , a lion rampant ! Look how the disaster occurred.