Facebook emotions by Donald Trump

#Big smile emotions by Donald Trump #Shy   #Wink #In love #Kiss #Show tongue #Angry #och #Dispirited #Very funny #Trump cry #Crying with laughter #Cries very #Without emotions #Be surprised #Omg #Very very angry   #Asleep #I'm cool #Like    #Unlike   #Excellent #Be strong #High-five   #Peace #Clap And other interesting Donald Trump emotions.  …

Who is today’s superstate? America? Russia? China?

The term of the Second World War was used to describe the United States and the USSR. For after 1945, these states have emerged as a much stronger than others. In 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union remained only one Superstate - the United States. Please tell me to post a comment on…

Donald Trump lets Jimmy Fallon mess up his hair.

Another political show. Donald Trump participated in the recording studio and was asked to allow the hair to touch. We all know how strange it seems his hair and hairstyles. It seems illusory fitted wig. Here's more laughter about his haircut.

Brexit Explained By The Simpsons

Recently passed Europeans horror Brexit. Many people do not realize the consequences of this is good or bad, but even the English people often do not know what it is. You can get the help of Google. We want to look at the political and witty and show how Brexit Explained By The Simpsons.

What if you get a merge Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump

Who would be if merge Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump? No we are not about politics. Politics is same as blurred black and white colors. Only the color of which is that, look ye yourselves :) But what if you get a merge two faces we can see in this pic. Interesting and relevant Photoshop…