Where better to not marry or where the easiest and fastest divorce?

Divorce. or divorce, divorce, the spouses are alive. Different from the abolition of marriage, which means that the marriage is legally declared invalid. Different countries, divorce is not the same. They are highly dependent on religion. This determines whether will a easiest and fastest divorce.
Various US state laws vary (in all states), violence, family heirloom, alcoholism, drug addiction, madness and the mutual declaration of incompatibility. States with more liberal law can not be quickly released if one of the parties was not informed, or if you can not survive in conjunction minimum cohabitation period. Spouses tend to conclude an agreement before the management as a pre-shared assets, immovable property and its maintenance costs. In some states where the spouses to agree on the assets and liabilities of the children in accordance with the “clean divorce” law allows for quick release.
The Catholic Church forbids the faithful vary, Pope John Paul II strengthened and nullifying the marriage. Muslim people of the land can not demand a divorce, but a man can stand with her three repetitions of “I’m breaking up with you.” According to these rules as necessary to pronounce one or three times to the two witnesses; by Sunita – it can be done in writing or orally. There is no need to specify a reason nor give prior notice to his wife (though in some Muslim countries such as Pakistan, such a requirement is already entered). On the property payment of this right shall be exercised infrequently.

USSR twentieth century. sixties introduce legislation allowed to stand easily and cheaply. Support for his wife after the divorce has decreased, but it was perhaps more benefit from equitable division of assets.
England has long been a divorce in force only approved by Parliament by law. 1847 marriage a matter of law set up in divorce court, but has provided few reasons for divorce. Eventually, by subsequent legislation has made it easier to stand by the 1969 Divorce Reform Act sole cause of divorce is marriage irreversible collapse. We’re proving that the parties have lived apart for at least two years (or five years if one party does not agree to differ, or if one party has been unfaithful, left the family or irrational behavior. The court pays great attention to child custody and maintenance. It can be ordered and other financial decree, even partitioning property.
Although not quite as formulated, divorce causes in Scotland are the same as in England and Wales. England and Wales Law Commission in 1990 recommended that the collapse of marriage as established after the time of year from the time that the two parties shall take an oath in court that they believe marriage is irreparably collapsed.

In any case, or any State easier and faster for divorce is to detect the second half with another or others.
After such cheating couple of quick divorce.

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