Kevin Spacey’s Brother Reveals Shocking Truth Concerning Their Childhood

Kevin Spacey’s brother, Randall Fowler, just made a shocking revelation related to his brother’s allegations of sexual attack. Fowler, 62, has shown their dad–Thomas Geoffrey Fowler–was a white supremacist who mistreated him and his brother for ages. Fowler explained he could be ‘ not surprised’ about his brother, also called their dad a ‘Nazi child rapist.’

“Clearly this isn’t brand new news, however so much as this particular guy, Randy doesn’t understand anything because Kevin cut off himself once he turned into Mr. Rich Millionaire,” Fowler’s agent, Bonnie so to, shared. “We’re not too surprised. And we understand that Kevin has been in the cupboard for quite a while.”

Fowler is currently writing a book about child sexual abuse and has said he also found the allegations made against his brother ‘bothering’
Fowler has spoken in their upbringing with damaged parents, asserting his father abused them as his mother turned a blind eye.
“The book he has written is all about the child abuse he went from the time he had been born in this family–it’s an autobiography at which he pours out his soul,” Fowler’s agent said.

“It’s an important publication as he’s the eldest brother who did a whole lot to try to protect his youngest brother Kevin from a lot of the items–once you are the oldest sibling you try to do that.”
Fowler, a Rod Stewart impersonator and limousine driver at Idaho, allegedly grew up with his brother under the dominance of their ultra right-wing sadist father.

Fowler said that the household will be forced to sit rants as their dad spoke about white supremacy.

Their dad supposedly regularly whipped and raped Randall. Their sister Julie hurried abroad when she had been 18-years-old.

Fowler told the Daily Mail straight back in 2004 he’s avoided having children if he inherited ‘the predator gene’ “there is so much darkness in our home it was beyond belief. It was absolutely miserable,” Fowler added. “Kevin tried to avoid what exactly was happening on by wrap himself in a mental bubble. He became very outspoken and smart”.

Fowler telephoned his brother a ’empty boat’ who had no real relations with anybody besides his mommy.

Fowler along with his brother became very close while they felt they had nobody to turn to.

Fowler admitted that the only thing that stopped him from finishing his own life was knowing he had to safeguard Kevin.

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