How many Americans bit gold medals athletes during the 2016 Olympics?

These Olympic Games in 2016 America was great as always. Observing the awards this time caught me long ago seen the image. Once upon a gold medal athlete bites it, taste. Why? Why you need to Americans bit gold medals?

We have all seen a movie where a prospector bites down on a piece of gold to test it. We also see Olympic athletes bite on their “gold” medal when they receive it. Whether that is of any use is another story altogether.

It is tested quality gold, here’s how:
1. Bite down on your gold with moderate pressure.
2. Examine your gold for any markings. In theory, real gold will show indents from your teeth; deeper markings indicate purer gold. •This is actually not a recommended test, as you can damage your teeth. Not to mention that lead is even softer than gold and gold-plated lead will appear to be gold when you bite it.

Can you find much more pics? Share with us as U.S. athletes eats medals.



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