Complementary alternative medicine and naturopathic therapy

naturopathic therapy

Homeopathy, naturopathic therapy , Alternative medicine system, which is based on the principle that the symptoms are part of the body during the healing process. Distinguished especially low for such drugs from natural materials dose, which is significantly higher dose of healthy bodies knock phenomena similar to those used to treat the symptoms. Created by German physician Samuel Hanemann (1755-1843).Nowadays, geographically well as practiced alternative medicine naturopathic therapy or conventional treatment. Many of the tests and find drugs (naturopathic therapy) shows the effectiveness of alternative medicine therapies.
naturopathic therapy

It is a good example, which has been observed using too katik previous Olympic Games in 2016. When the swimmers bodies were seen spots. It was one of the most natural alternative medicine naturopathic therapy methods used in the reconstruction effort.

Alternative medicine clinic can be found on most spa centers, offers a variety of recreational trips with alternative medicine courses. Perhaps the most well-known Chinese alternative medicine.
List of Clinics in the United States Offering Alternative Therapies.

Hirudotherapy, leech therapy

Hirudotherapy translated as “leech therapy. This is one of the oldest medical techniques, reaching up to the year 8000 (based on written sources) and Avicenna thought that leeches appeared on earth together with the man before many, many years.

People can not understand how and why these creatures can be useful, they are afraid, but to know them better, change their opinion.

As in the syringe, it is recovered only once, and after the procedure are destroyed. They give the health cost of their lives.

Therapeutic leeches secret – active biological materials, due nuo120 to 250, by properly using positively affected the whole body system. Man lucky to examine only about 30 enzyme composition. The remaining enzyme composition of this day around the world remains a mystery to scientists. Unlike pharmaceuticals, leeches do not have any side effects, so it is suitable for many. This helps to achieve surprisingly good results in the treatment of a wide variety of diseases.

All active bio-components during treatment falls into the patient’s bloodstream, works and individual organs, and the whole body system, and improves health.

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