Why do we have to respect and love animals? Does the animal has a soul?

The soul, according to one many religious interpretations, untouchable and immortal part of man, undergoing physical death of the body. Judaism, Christianity and Islam Teaches That at the end of the world All Souls Will be judged on merit and Awarded to Heaven or Hell

Orthodox Jewish doctrine states that the majority of the soul enters the purgatory in which purified and redeems his sins and then travels to heaven. Christianity teaches that the soul is that part of man that God’s grace can redeem and set free from sin. Other religions, like Hinduism says that the soul experienced reincarnations, until individual enlightenment and freed ii rebirth cycle. Buddhism asserts that we have no permanent entity or soul. Which option is best for you?

1990 New Year letter to the pope seems to have accepted the fact that animals have a soul. He stated that “animals have a soul, and man must love and be rebuke to the little brothers.” This statement remains sharp between the Roman Catholic Church.

That if a man has a soul, and the soul can reincarnate. It’s all around us in cats are people, or at least they were. The next time you have any desire to hurt any animal, or if he will need help and you pass through the country, know that there can be your long ago lost a loved one or friend.

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