Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#20 Robert Redford

Now at 79 years antique and persevering with to depart his tremendous mark in Hollywood, Redford has usually stated that he desires to age gracefully and could by no means inn to plastic surgical procedure. however, Hollywood’s pinnacle plastic surgeons are pronouncing otherwise. assets declare that Redford has had a facelift further to numerous Botox injections and fillers to boost, clean, tighten and tuck most of the people of his wrinkles. And, at the same time as we’d like to think that Redford has remained authentic to his phrase, we don’t recognise another 70-something 12 months old guys who look as precise as he does!

#21 Al Pacino

Like Robert Redford and his buddy Robert De Niro, Pacino has said that he’s one of the older actors in Hollywood who doesn’t accept as true with in plastic surgery. but, it appears that most effective De Niro has saved his word because the seventy six-yr-old Pacino is sporting a more energizing and greater youthful look than his pal. though unconfirmed, many believe that Pacino underwent a facelift in addition to laser treatments to save you wrinkles and different signs and symptoms of getting older. although he nevertheless incorporates some wrinkles round his eyes, this Triple Crown Winner isn’t letting whatever get inside the manner of fulfillment.

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