Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#26 Vladimir Putin

While many might by no means dream the chief of a country might have time to get plastic surgical procedure tons much less sincerely undergo with it, many humans speculate that Putin has done exactly that. looking run down and exhausted on the grounds that his reelection in 2012, rumors ran wild about Putin in 2015 whilst he appeared on television looking tons more youthful the sixty two years antique with actually no wrinkles or sagging skin. whether or not he had Botox injections, fillers or a facelift to lessen early symptoms of getting older, he maximum likely did it on the us of a’s dime seeing that he absolutely doesn’t want to appear to be a weak, getting old and incompetent leader.

#27 Steve Martin

So how exactly does a 70-12 months-vintage actor and stand-up comedian look as younger and wrinkle free as he did decades ago? doctors agree that Botox injections, fillers and a facelift are to thank for Martin’s more youthful appearance, which is particularly obvious around the eyes wherein his crow’s toes and snort lines are now almost invisible in comparison to pictures from the early 2000s. performing younger and, coincidentally, with even fewer facial expressions nowadays, the Grammy winner may not brazenly admit that he’s had plastic surgery but the photographs genuinely don’t lie.

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