Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#38 Mickey Rourke

Did we mention that Rourke is a terrible boy but? After hitting a tough patch in his existence, Rourke turned to alcohol and boxing to help make it through his days; It have to come as no marvel, then, that upon getting knocked around the ring and boozed up, that Rourke commenced searching pretty rough: at sixty two years antique the actor and retired boxer opted for the authentic Beverly Hills fix: plastic surgical treatment! From hair extensions and skin tightening to cheekbone and nostril reconstruction, Rourke’s new look revived his profession, or even earned him an Oscar nominated position in “The Wrestler.”

#39 Gene Simmons


Simmons has had an array of work achieved on him to help keep him youthful: he had eyelid surgical procedure (blepharoplasty) to make his eyes appearance more subtle, Botox injections to slow down the drooping of his face, and what’s maximum sudden is that each he and his companion, Shannon Tweed, most were given Facelifts facet by means of side on the same day. Gene desires to preserve searching true for his accomplice and doesn’t want to position the “intercourse god” years past him yet, and his spouse doesn’t want her husband looking younger than her: I think they each want a “kiss” of truth due to the fact when you hit a positive age there isn’t a great deal you could do.

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