Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#42 Paul Stanley

Even as the media targeted on KISS front guy Gene Simmons’, fewer human beings paid plenty interest to Stanley’s new seems. Already into his early 60s and still travelling, the rocker opted for a couple of plastic surgeries together with a face and forehead raise, eyelid tightening, lip augmentation, and rhinoplasty: of path, as soon as human beings ultimately noticed that they had something to mention: most of which was criticism concerning the well-known rocker’s now amazed “old man” appearance! I genuinely don’t suppose Stanley involved himself too much with the critiques of his enthusiasts, due to the fact he’d as a substitute no longer come to be searching line Tiny Tim while he receives older.

#43 Wayne Newton


Wayne is a high example of why now and again you simply have to permit nature take its direction: as a way to treatment a number of his imperfections he rather wound up searching like he got stung via bees. Wayne has had an assortment of operations which include a nostril task, eyelid surgical procedures, and all of the basics that stars appear to like a lot. It doesn’t count in case you’re the thoughts in the back of Jingle Bell Rock, if you aren’t cautious whilst you go under the knife then you definitely would possibly simply wind up looking like a Ken doll.

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