Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#48 Enrique Iglesias

Looking at the earlier than and after snap shots of Iglesias, many human beings get the impression that this plastic surgical operation tale is a whole hoax, however appearance again! at the same time as his face may also seem like the same (sure, even his nostril and chin), one vital thing is missing from Enrique’s face: his mole! In a brief 5-minute system on the plastic health care provider’s workplace, Iglesias had his mole eliminated in what is probably taken into consideration the least dramatic plastic surgical treatment process in the records of Hollywood! howdy, as a minimum he didn’t turn out to be looking like Kenny Rogers or Ray Liotta!

#49 Jean Claude Van Damme


Jean Claude underwent a Facelift and eyelid surgery so as to keep his face as tight as his frame, however the end result has left his face a bit pinched; he has but to comment on his beauty work, however it’s now not just like the media is crawling all over him in recent times anyhow. except, it’s really hard to make amusing of a guy who actually did the splits between two trucks for a business: a person that crazy might not take too kindly to being asked non-public questions.

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