Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#52 Howard Stern

With growing fortune and fame, Stern decided to cognizance greater on his seems in 2006 when he opted for plastic surgery to fix his nose. acknowledged for carrying sun shades across the clock, Stern had chin break up scars removed from his nostril, and underwent a chain of facelifts that he felt would give him the self belief to no longer want to hide in the back of dark glasses. even though it hasn’t but been confirmed, many critics trust that Stern also had hair transplant surgical treatment to help ensure that his black and curly head of hair wouldn’t recede through the years. That’s what I call having a face for radio!

#53 Michael Douglas


Michael is actually quite insecure about his wrinkle lines, so a combination of Botox and different facial augments has helped in keeping them at bay, however simply how long does the megastar expect to fend off the growing older method? alas for him Douglas looks as old as he’s (71) and there isn’t a lot left he can do to keep his face clean: if he desires to stay wrinkle unfastened in his 1980s and preserve getting facelifts he’ll need to usher in a few rather heavy responsibility production device!

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