Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#54 Carrot Top

Like many different names on our list, Carrot apparently vanished for years until he reemerged with a completely new appearance. no matter keeping his acquainted wild and curly hair, the comic had glaringly determined the gym, as his new appearance discovered a toner and extra muscled man. but, that wasn’t all! Carrot also opted for numerous plastic surgeries which converted his complete face, with cheekbone and jawbone reconstruction being on the top of the list. With laser treatments and chemical peels, Carrot’s entire demeanor is one-of-a-kind, which the funny man says is a end result of his make-up: Come on, we may chortle at his jokes however does he surely think we’re that dumb?

#55 George Clooney


It’s smooth to talk out approximately plastic surgical procedure while you appearance as rushing as Clooney is perhaps he is directly to some thing; his “upgrades” didn’t surely improve on his look all that a whole lot and certainly it probable wasn’t well worth the fee of the operation. i’ve my doubts that George will preserve his stance on cosmetics as he approaches his late 60s and starts losing his fabulous appears, but maybe he’ll get bored with all of the girl attention he receives and he’ll decide that he wishes a break from all of it.

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