Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#58 Axl Rose


Axl obtained a facelift and Botox injections to try to fight his body’s sagging and wrinkles however the end result wasn’t as flattering as he had in the beginning intended; weight loss and drug use took their toll, and some things certainly can’t be undone. In a very last ditch attempt to stave off his frame’s sluggish deterioration Rose had some chemical peeling finished on his face to freshen up his appearance. despite his efforts Axl just isn’t getting the identical love he used to: welcome to the jungle of Hollywood, guy!

#59 LL Cool Jay


James claims this is currently lifting 315 pounds, and that he will do 1000 sit usato workout, however alas for Mr. Todd no quantity of weight lifting is going to give you a nose task. further signs of hypocrisy from Cool Jay arose when a mysterious scar regarded on his stomach, however he has remained adamant that no liposuction or beauty surgical treatment has took place, as an alternative claiming the scar is the result of getting an appendix eliminated. The reality concerning Todd’s plastic surgical treatment is still a bit ambiguous however I without a doubt wouldn’t broach the challenge with him: he seems a piece testy and he may sit up for performing considered one of hit songs, “Mama stated Knock You Out.”

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