Plastic Surgery Facts

Plastic Surgery Facts

#13 Vince Neil


Making waves from the 1980s while they joined the craze of hair metal and hard rock bands, Motley Crue is the most suitable renowned for their hedonistic lifestyle embodied by band members Nikki Sixx, Tommy Lee, Mick Mars and Vince Neil. Taking center stage because band%u2019s lead vocalist in 1980, Neil belted out hits from albums like Shout on the Devil, Theatre of Pain and Dr. Feelgood, which quickly established the viewers as the biggest hard rock and metal bands of the decade.

Partying as being a rock star the past 36 years while launching an excellent solo career and dabbling in many different small business ventures and acting, Neil turned to plastic surgery to keep up his center-stage looks. Admitting to some brow lift, cheek lift as well as a rhinoplasty, the 55-year-old rocker even documented his transformation on VH1 to indicate exactly how his looks have improved over the years %u2013 with some surgery magic, naturally! Luckily enough, Neil is looking just like his early Motley Crue days after decades of just living fast and hard finally trapped with him.

#14  Robert Downey, Jr.

From zero to hero and back once more, it’s exhausting to imagine anyone else taking part in Iron Man than the proficient and handsome parliamentarian Downey, Jr. creating his acting debut at solely 5 years recent in 1970, Downey was related to the Brat Pack because of roles in films like Weird Science and fewer Than Zero before giving associate degree victory performance in filmmaker that really set him apart. Despite a extremely publicised battle with dependency, the currently sober Downey has merrily came to the silver screen during a Marvel Comics role that looks to be written particularly for him.

With his drug and drug addiction taking a toll on each his career and physical health, Downey’s sobriety did wonders for his physical look though he presumably had a bit further facilitate. Despite ne’er brazenly admitting that he’s had any cosmetic surgery, several agree that Downey presumably had work done round the eyes further as Botox injections to tighten drooping skin and signs of aging. Others even argue that he had a cheek augmentation, that simply may justify why Downey still sounds like an attractive superhero at fifty one years old!

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