The 33-year-old was hospitalized after 18 times in his own sperm

sperm injections

Doctors have to deal with the strangest cases. People’s own health problems are certainly not uncommon, but doctors were still surprised when a 33-year-old man approached them. It turns out that this man was treating his sperm injections. But most surprising is why he did it and what happened to him after that.

In fact, in a hospital in Dublin, a 33-year-old man did not apply for his sperm injections. He came in complaining of back pain. The man himself explained that this is a trauma because he often has to carry heavy items. For the first time, a man experienced pain 18 months ago, but the trauma had reappeared before the doctors were contacted. The primary examination showed the patient was not mistaken – he pulled his back. But then the doctors noticed a bright red swelling on the man’s forearm.

The man explained that he tried to heal himself by sperm injection. In her sperm injections, the man tried to heal the painful back. He thought very simply – sperms create life, so they can rejuvenate damaged tissues in the back. The injection was always done by the man himself and he didn’t tell anyone about it.

The doctors studied the man’s hand in greater detail, realizing that it was suffering from acute inflammation and under the skin was imprisoned. The patient was admitted to the hospital for antimicrobial treatment. True, the man in the hospital was feeling better – back pain passed.

So he said he wanted to be released. Well, then medical doctors went to the scientific literature. The doctors looked for similar cases but found nothing. Scientific literature only describes old animal experiments. Then they started to search the internet from where the man could get such thoughts.

However, the patient himself has discovered that he invented himself and there is nothing like the internet. Since no similar cases were found, the doctors wrote a scientific article about the case – let’s be the first.

What happened to her husband? Nothing at all. Although he was at serious risk of getting a more serious infection, all the complications he experienced were associated with irregular injections rather than sperm. A man bought a needle and syringe on the internet, and other materials were made by his own body. The semen is not sterile and contains a variety of microorganisms, but the man injected only once a month and only in small quantities. Of course, this was still a very stupid act.

While medics have not found other sperm injections, it is known that sperm is sometimes used as a face cream or other beauty product. Again, no scientific facts are an unreasonable activity, but women say it helps them.

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