Today’s man – narcissus?

Narcissus – a nice young man, Distance nymph Echo love, for it is doomed to fall in love with his own image source. Unable to get away from his reflection, he fainted and died. In the place he grew a flower, now named after him.narcissus

close up beautiful yellow flowers spring narcissus
close up beautiful yellow flowers spring narcissus

This story is written in Greek mythology. From here it arose and human way, called narcissism. This exaggerated self-esteem, and falling in love. It may interfere with other people, cause mental disorders.

Looking at the social pages, we see a lot of manifestations of narcissism. Today’s man a cult of beauty, becoming more and more look as woman and the focus and priorities of beauty care, rather than the strength or the courage to testing or other male activities. You will not find men getting plastic surgery, getting make up.

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