TOP 10 Most Powerful World Countries in 2018: Warriors, Armament and Budget

The power of the US army in the world is not there and will not be real soon. The withdrawal of our ally, NATO, in this area is so great that many other countries, even when combined with their capabilities, especially in terms of numbers, find it difficult to compete. Business Insider has ranked 2018 countries in terms of strength.


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Population: 326.6 million people

Number of troops: 2 million people

Aviation: 13 thousand

Number of tanks: 5,9 thousand.

Number of vessels: 415

Defense Budget: $ 647 billion


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Population: 142.2 million people

Number of troops: 3.6 million people

Aviation: 3.9 ths.

Number of tanks: 20 thousand

Number of vessels: 352

Defense Budget: $ 47 billion


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Population: 1.379 billion people

Number of troops: 2.7 million people

Aviation: 3 thousand

Number of tanks: 7,7 thousand

Number of vessels: 714

Defense budget: $ 151 billion


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Population: 1.228 billion people

Number of troops: 4.2 million soldiers

Aviation: 2.2 thousand

Number of tanks: 4.4 thous.

Number of vessels: 295

Defense Budget: $ 47 billion


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Population: 67 million people

Number of troops: 388.6 thousand people

Aviation: 1.3 thousand

Number of tanks: 406

Number of vessels: 118

Defense Budget: $ 40 billion

Great Britain

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Population: 64.8 million people

Number of troops: 279 thousand people

Aviation: 832

Number of tanks: 227

Number of vessels: 76

Defense Budget: $ 50 billion

South Korea

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Population: 51.2 million people

Number of troops: 5.8 million people

Aviation: 1.6 thousand

Number of tanks: 2.7 thousand

Number of vessels: 166

Defense Budget: $ 40 billion


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Population: 126 million people

Number of troops: 310 thous. people

Aviation: 1.5 thousand

Number of tanks: 679 thousand

Number of vessels: 131

Defense budget: $ 44 billion


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Population: 80.9 million people

Number of troops: 710.6 thousand. people

Aviation: 1 thousand

Number of tanks: 2.4 thousand.

Number of vessels: 194

Defense Budget: $ 10.2 billion


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Population: 80.6 million people

Number of troops: 208.6 thousand people

Aviation: 714 units

Number of tanks: 432

Number of vessels: 81

Defense Budget: $ 45.2 billion

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