The useful online games

 Most of his contemporaries said computer games just fun. In their view, such a leisure activity can give a lot of cheerful minutes, lifting the spirits and save people from boredom. However, in reality craze online games, it brings a person a lot more good than we imagine. This kind of entertainment is not only a positive effect on our mood, but also on the physical and mental health. The main thing – keep in mind the sense of proportion, devoting computer games no more than one hour per day.
What is the positive impact of virtual entertainment on the man? On what kind of “dividends” can expect people to play online games ?

1. Improvement of human cognitive abilities. As a result, a number of research we found out a very interesting fact. It turned out that online games contribute to a better retention of information. With their help, people activated memory and increases the ability to concentrate. This kind of entertainment has a positive effect on these aspects of intellectual property, as a tactical and strategic thinking. People learn to make decisions quickly and effectively assess the situation. It is impossible not to remember and about the ability of video games to improve spatial thinking and increase responsiveness.


2. Prevention and treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. As a result of a scientific experiment it was shown that many well-known computer game Super Mario helps to increase the volume of gray matter in the human brain . In addition, it changes the cerebellum and the right region of the hippocampus . Thanks to this online game makes the symptoms of certain mental disorders less visible , promote the speedy recovery of the person.

3. Treatment of autism . Some useful online games can significantly improve the communication skills and interaction with people . This fact is reflected positively on the state of children with autism .


4. Coping with stress and a bad mood . In one study failed to prove that people are moderately addicted to computer games are more reserved and balanced . Their blood was found much less cortisol ( stress hormone ) than in those who have never played online games .

5. Improved vision . In this case we are talking about the ability to simultaneously monitor a large number of objects of the world . It is much more developed in people who play computer useful online games .


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